Large as Life by Publishers Weekly

April 5, 2011 19:19 by Bradi

" The words "large-print publishing" may never conjure visions of high-profile auctions with houses battling over million-dollar deals that set the heart pounding and the eyes gleaming, but most publishers in the category say that's just fine. In fact, the relative stability of the large-print format has traditionally been a major selling point in a tumultuous industry," begins Publishers Weekly’s article on large print, titled Large as Life. Numerous librarians and publishers a... Read More...

Big News for Ebooks

December 7, 2010 18:25 by Bradi
This has already been a big week for ebooks! Two new sales channels offer opportunities for indie booksellers to sell ebooks online. And for readers to buy them!

“Independent bookstores sell online easily, creatively, and affordably with IndieCommerce, ABA’s ecommerce program…offers solutions tailored to meet the unique concerns of indie bookstores…helps bookstores achieve online sales and realize marketing opportunities via a customizable, all-in-one package.” To learn more about Indi... Read More...

Publisher Profile: Bridge-Logos

August 9, 2010 17:44 by Bradi

Publisher Profile: Bridge-Logos

Shawn Myers, Publicist


What is the mission of Bridge-Logos, and has it changed since your beginning?

Since we are now a foundation, our mission will soon be changing somewhat, though it remains essentially the same as it was when Dan Malachuk founded Logos International Fellowship in 1967. We publish Christian books and Bibles for the general evangelical c... Read More...

eBook Readers Compared

June 30, 2010 18:17 by Bradi
Here's a link to an overview of the accessibility benefits and obstacles of a selection of eBook readers, aimed at giving readers a useful starting point when deciding to purchase an eBook reader.

"Seeing the Big Picture" article features ReadHowYouWant

May 10, 2010 16:14 by Bradi

"Picture a reader of a large-print book. Many associations would be perfectly resonable based on the category's historical customer base...But as baby boomers continue to age, the makeup of the audience for books with larger, easier-to-read type is diversifying, and so are its tastes..." opens the new Publishers Weekly article titled, "Seeing the Big Picture."

The article goes on to discuss how new technologies are also changing the large print publishing industry. One change... Read More...

2 Reviews of the iPad from Blind Users

April 13, 2010 17:16 by Bradi

iPad Review: From a Blindness Perspective

by WaldorfPC

from AssociatedContent

The Apple iPad is one of the hottest pieces of technology ... Read More...

Some of What's Being Said About the iPad--Due Out Tomorrow!

April 2, 2010 23:25 by Bradi

Because the iPad is going to be available for purchase in Apple stores tomorrow, I thought that I would end the week with a collection of some of the stories and videos on this historic (is it?) event: Interview of RHYW Founder Christopher Stephen

April 2, 2010 19:13 by Bradi

ReadHowYouWant Builds Books Just for You April 2, 2010, 11:42 am

By Suzanne Robitaille

Australia’s Christopher Stephen is the founder of Rea...

Solutions For Visually Impaired Readers

December 11, 2009 03:11 by admin

from ForeWord This Week
December 9, 2009


Aging readers and those who develop conditions that blur the vi... Read More...

Publishing Innovator ReadHowYouWant Bridges Kindle Gap for Blind and Visually Impaired Readers

November 23, 2009 20:21 by Bradi

Publishing Innovator ReadHowYouWant Bridges Kindle Gap for Blind and Visually Impaired Readers 

Sydney, Australia, November 23, 2009—Amidst complaints of Amazon’s Kindle inaccessibility for blind readers, ReadHowYouWant, a new technology publishing company from Australia, is leading the way in accessible publishing by using proprietary XML conversion software to repurpose books into a num... Read More...