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Honest to God Prayer
Honest to God Prayer (Large Print)
Spirituality as Awareness, Empowerment, Relinquishment and Paradox
by Kent Ira Groff
Publisher SkyLight Paths Publishing
Published on: 31 October 2012
Categories Religion & Beliefs
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Our Price: US$19.99

Volume(s): 1
Format Details: 16pt, Verdana
ISBN(s): 9781459649989
About the Book
Maybe you're praying and you don't even know it.
For those who are turned off by shopworn religious language, this unique guide to prayer offers outside - the - box ways to pray in four movements that parallel morning, noon, afternoon and night.
Prayer as Awareness: Waking up to reality - opening
Prayer as Empowerment: Embracing your dreams and possibilities - expanding
Prayer as Relinquishment: Letting go of attachments - emptying
Prayer as Paradox: Uniting the opposites of life - integrating
Prayer practices for each of the four themes provide a feast of personal and group enrichment to leaven life at home, work, and in formal programs and informal friendships.
Whether you're advanced or just starting on your spiritual path, this practical prayer path breaker will lure you in with its novel combination of real - life stories, pithy thoughts and primal metaphors from varied spiritual streams. It interweaves the author's own vulnerable experience to say: this is honest to God spirituality and I'm seeing myself.
About the Author
Kent Ira Groff, a spiritual companion for journeyers and leaders, retreat leader and writer - poet, is founding mentor of Oasis Ministries in Pennsylvania. For over two decades, he has practiced and taught the contemplative active life at theological seminaries and retreat centers in the US and abroad. He is author of What Would I Believe If I Didn't Believe Anything? and Facing East, Praying West, among other books.
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