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The Art of Disappearing
The Art of Disappearing (Large Print)
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Volume(s): 1
Format Details: 16pt, Verdana
ISBN(s): 9781525263569
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About the Book
A captivating true story about physical child abuse and the effects of trauma on personal relationships and one's professional life. ''This memoir is intricately observed and written with such clear-eyed intelligence I wanted to swoop down and steal its subject to love and safety. A disturbing and compelling read.'' Carrie Tiffany ''Lis Hanscombe's The Art of Disappearing, is a brave, unflinching memoir of surviving a childhood navigating around a violent and abusive father, whose brooding menace lurks on every page. Psychologically astute, Hanscombe is possessed of an unusually vivid and faithful memory to the terrors of childhood. She has the courage to face and penetrate the dark secrets at the centre of her family. A beautifully written, unforgettable account of what it is to grow up in the shadow of alcoholism and sexual predation.'' Anne Manne ''With a combination of literary ability and deep self-knowledge, ­Elisabeth Hanscombe gives a rare insight into a child's struggle to survive a physically and sexually abusive family.'' Dr Paul Valent
About the Author
Elisabeth Hanscombe is a psychologist and writer who lives and works in Melbourne and has published a number of short stories, personal essays and book chapters about memory, psychoanalysis, shame, trauma and memoir. She blogs at where she explores the fine line between fact and fiction, and the ways in which frail memory plays havoc with past experience to allow new ideas to emerge.
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