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For years the publishing industry has been dominated by a “one-size-fits-all” model, where access to alternative formats has for the most part been dictated by financial considerations, rather than the requirements of the individual reader.

A new market model that includes ALL kinds of readers.

Readers come in all shapes, sizes, ages and with a full range of reading preferences and requirements. Most books are produced in one single format effectively denying access to a broad range of readers who for myriad reasons need larger print, a navigable audio format or Braille. Imagine a model that allows publishers to sell multiple formats at a fair price to all kinds of readers at the date of publication. Readers would be able to buy the format that best suits them, and publishers and authors would receive revenue for each edition sold -- no matter what the format. The technology exists today.

A win-win proposition for publishers.

Read-How-You-Want’s proprietary technology provides an efficient means of converting texts into many large print formats, print-ready Braille, DAISY, e-book, specialized formats for readers with disabilities, and reader-personalized print formats. Our unique publisher partnership program provides internet marketing services, sales channel support, and distribution through both and the company’s web-site.

Our turnkey solution allows publishers to make their titles available to a broad spectrum of readers including those with physical disabilities.

RHYW allows publishers to very easily create books in a variety of different formats. If we were to produce our own large print edition, we would have to have it manually redesigned to change the typeface and spacing, which is expensive. Or else just make everything larger, which is cheaper but not necessarily the best option for the reader. RHYW’s process makes it very easy. Once they’ve created the base format, they can then generate books that are customized for the reader very easily, quickly, and inexpensively. As a test I sent the interior of a book as a pdf file. And it was literally just hours later that they sent me back a sample that had been converted to the large print format.

Sheila Ruth
Imaginator Press