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The main components in the simplest version of our technology are set out in the diagram below. We have a number of other variations handling physical delivery of product as well as systems built for particular types of documents.

Data input

We can accept data in scanned images as well as in several types of electronic files. We can accept some hard copy input but it will require direct negotiation with us.

Data conversion and mark up

We have developed a number of in-house tools that allow us to convert and mark up documents quickly, efficiently and very accurately.

XML file

We have developed our own in-house schema that lets us reduce the complexity of our software without reducing functionality.

XML Repository

It stores the XML files online and interacts with the other production systems.

Reader registration and format selection

This system allows a reader to store their address information and also their format preferences in order for us to make the selection of a personalized document as efficient as possible.

Job management, tracking, and dispatch system

This system manages the independent format systems, and the dispatch system.

Format systems

Each format system operates on our standard XML file and is an independent, standalone format system that can be operated simultaneously by the job management, tracking, and dispatch systems. Increased volumes can therefore be handled by adding more computers so the job management, tracking, and dispatch systems split the workload between them. We currently have 4 different format systems:

  • Print
  • Audio
  • Braille
  • E-Book

The Commercializing Emerging Technology Grant is a highly competitive grant offered by the Australian Government to help companies with outstanding technology in commercialize of their technology. To go to the AusIndustry website, click here,

which is the Australian Government Department administering the grant.

Australian Technology Showcase

The Australian Technology Showcase is a New South Wales State Government award for companies with outstanding technology. To read about Objective Systems on the ATS website, click here.

R & D Tax Concession

This special tax concession is only available to small to medium Australian tax paying companies doing novel research and development. For more information, click here to open the 'AusIndustry' website.

Austrade New Exporter Award

This award is an incentive for companies with export promise to start exporting. The award is administered by Austrade, an Australian Government funded trade organization helping Australian companies to export. To view the Austrade website, click here.

Cost Savings

To achieve substantial cost savings we have designed our software to enable:

  • A document to be marked up once then use it to generate any format.
  • Usage of simple tools that require no special skills to use.
  • Optimized system efficiency which utilizes mainly automated processes, with a few streamlined manual processes.
  • Simple interfaces to external print shops interfaces which allow cost effective outsourcing of CD-Rom and book manufacture.

Book and CD-ROM manufacture costs are minimized by:

  • Using books from a number of publishers to negotiate good prices at agreed quality levels.
  • Reducing wastage by setting up and testing our systems with the print shop systems to ensure compatibility.
  • Automating administration, dispatch, and client notification as much as possible.
  • Lowering print shop set up costs by helping the printers to schedule like jobs and by including details like alignment marks on covers.
  • Lowering distribution costs by selecting strategically located, technically-savvy print shops with the right equipment, in the right location, and by consolidating the books printed for several different publishers.