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    121 Ways to Live 121 Years … and More!
    121 Ways to Live 121 Years … and More!
    Prescriptions for Longevity
    Nobody wants to get old. And why would we? The aging process eventually affects every one of our body systems - from mental function and sexual performance to physical appearance, ability, and strength. But chronological age has little to do with a person's biological age: some people are old at fifty, while others are still sharp and spry at ninety. The things we've always considered ''normal aging'' are actually caused by physiological problems that, in many cases, respond to medical treatment and healthy lifestyle habits. As a result, the human life span can be significantly increased while maintaining - or even improving - the quality of life! This contemporary approach to aging - known as anti-aging medicine - is a specialty practiced by more than 30,000 physicians worldwide. It uses advanced scientific and medical technologies for the early detection, prevention, treatment, and reversal of age-related dysfunction, disorders, and diseases. In the near future, we can look forward to boundless health and vitality thanks to these anti-aging approaches. You can start by enjoying 121 Ways to Live 121 Years ... and More! - a handbook for living a long and healthy life.
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