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My Sister Chaos
My Sister Chaos
An obsessive - compulsive cartographer trapped in the mapping of her own house. A painter turned code - breaker trying to find the lover she lost in the war. Two sisters on a collision course. In My Sister Chaos two sisters escape from an unknown war - torn country. The cartographer is obsessed with keeping the world in order, but in her own way she lets loose the forces of chaos. Her sister, an artist, arrives unexpectedly. Her very presence is a sign of chaos for the cartographer. But in spite of representing chaos, the artist has a firm grip on the real world, and perhaps a greater sense of order. Chaos and order in tension provide the scaffolding for this compelling work of fiction. Presented within a world of obsession and trauma it asks whether any of us is immune to the forces of destruction. How do you know when to finish what you start? How do you know when to give up on control? How do you move on? Chaos is on the inside.
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US$ 19.99

Book Author
Lara Fergus
Genre Gay/Lesbian , Literary , Fiction
Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
Spinifex Press
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