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An Alien Affair
An Alien Affair
Mission Earth Volume 4
<b>Once it's it got you, it won't let you go.</b> Fast, fiery, and nonstop fun, from the crash and roar of a demolition derby to the dark doings of the wicked Miss Pinch. In these continuing misadventures of aliens on Earth, Soltan Gris tells his sad tale of attempts to thwart his sworn enemy, Jettero Heller, who is on mission to salvage Earth. But Gris has to contend with a belly dancer who's spending him into bankruptcy, a mad PR man out to make Heller a legend, an unhinged Mafia hired gun sent to hit the Director of the CIA, and the sadistic Pinch with some ruinous recipes of her own. Throw in a perverse nurse, an intergalactic drug ring, a crazed cellologist, and the arrival of Heller's Voltarian girlfriend, and you have the ingredients for intrigue, satire, and romance that you won't be able to put down. Volume 4 of the biggest Science Fiction dekology ever written - Mission Earth. <b><i>''...action - packed, intricately plotted... a cross between Flash Gordon and 007.''</i></b> - Buffalo News
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Book Author
L. Ron Hubbard
Genre Comedy & Humour , Sci Fi & Fantasy , Fiction
Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
Galaxy Press
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