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Last Reader Standing
Last Reader Standing
The Story of the Man Who Learned to Read at 54
The day Archie lost his thirty-one year job as a laborer at a meat packing company, he was forced to confront the secret he had held so closely for most of his life: at the age of fifty-four, he couldn t read. For all his adult life, he'd been able to skirt around the issue. But now, forced to find a new job to support his family, he could no longer hide from the truth. The Last Reader Standing is the story of Archie's amazing and often painful journey of becoming literate at middle age, struggling with the newfound knowledge of his dyslexia. From the little boy who was banished to the back of the classroom because the teachers labeled him stupid, Archie emerged to becoming a national figure who continues to enlighten professionals into the world of the learning disabled. He joined Barbara Bush on stage for her Literacy Foundation's fundraisers where she proudly introduced him as the man who took advantage of a second chance and improved his life. This is a touching and poignant story that gives us an eye-opening view of the lack of literacy in our society, and how important it is for all of us to have opportunity to become all that we can be to have hope and go after our dreams. It will also help parents, educators, and medical practitioners to better understand their roles in supporting and providing opportunity for the reading challenged.
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Book Author
Archie Willard
Genre Biography & Autobiography , Language & Linguistics
Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
Bettie Youngs Books
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