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    Astride a Pink Horse
    Astride a Pink Horse
    A Novel
    The Cold War ended years ago, or did it? For Thurmond Giles, a decorated African American Air Force veteran found naked, dead, and dangling by his ankles inside a deactivated minuteman missile silo in desolate southeastern Wyoming, the answer is no. The labyrinthine investigation that follows his death led by former fighter pilot Major Bernadette Cameron and ex-college baseball phenom-turned-reporter Elgin Cozy Coseia reveals how the atomic era s legacy has continued to destroy both minds and lives. Astride a Pink Horse follows Bernadette, Cozy, and Cozy s boss Freddie Dames match wits with a gallery of unforgettable murder suspects: a powerful, right-wing-leaning cattle rancher; a declining seventy-six-year-old WWII-era Japanese internment camp victim and her unstable math professor cousin; an idealistic lifelong nuclear arms protestor; and a civilian Air Force contractor with a twenty-year grudge against the murder victim. Do three amateur detectives stand a chance against these characters and the conspiracy that may be behind it all? Robert Greer s trademark mix of vivid eccentrics, surprising plot twists, and political edge makes this one of his most memorable thrillers.
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    Book Author
    Robert Greer
    Genre Crime & Thrillers , Fiction
    Dyslexic Edition
    North Atlantic Books
    Age Range
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