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    Atomic Golf
    Atomic Golf
    The Alternative to Swing Gurus, Pie-in-the-Sky Theories, Perfect Greens and Everything Else That's Failed
    World-famous bodybuilder Steve Michalik-Mr. USA, Mr. America, and M. Universe-and professional golf coach Michael Manavian team up and share their lifetime of knowledge and skill in this powerful new book, Atomic Golf. Their numerous accomplishments and extensive experience let them to develop the concept for the Atomic Gold-a system that joins Michalik's undeniably effective methods of mind-body training with Manavian's unique techniques for creating the perfect golf swing. Be forewarned, this dynamic duo's approach destroys many PGA-perpetuated myths about the way golf is played and won! Michalik and Manavian firmly believe that a clear mind, a fit body, and correct technique are equally important to success. The Atomic Gold System trains you to attain all three. Its method compresses the time, energy, and training that it would normally take you to improve your game, and propels you years' ahead without the detours or dead ends found with traditional instruction. You will be a better, more powerful golfer in a shorter period of time. This comprehensive guide to the psychological, physical, and technical aspects of learning to play golf to your full potential is clearly laid out with a section on each. The Atomic Golf system guarantees that what you want to do on the golf course is what you do-100percen of the time. See for yourself how true this is.
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    Steve Michalik and Michael Manavian
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