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    Bully Beef and Balderdash
    Bully Beef and Balderdash
    Some Myths of the AIF Examined and Debunked
    Did the men of the Light Horse shoot their horses rather than see them sold off to the hated 'Gippos'? Was Alfred Gaby VC's eerie studio portrait actually taken after his death? Did the AIF fight the war on an unrelieved diet of bully beef and biscuits?Graham Wilson's Bully Beef and Balderdash shines a critical light on these and other well - known myths of the AIF in World War I, arguing that these spectacular legends simply serve to diminish the hard - won reputation of the AIF as a fighting force. With meticulous analysis, he sets out to debunk these myths, using a range of first - hand accounts and official records to unravel the facts and set the historical record straight.
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    Graham Wilson
    Genre History
    Dyslexic Edition
    Big Sky Publishing
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