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    Creepy & Maud
    Creepy & Maud
    Set in suburban Australia, backgrounded by petty neighbourhood antagonism, Creepy and Maud charts the relationship between two social misfits drawn to each other's strangeness. Played out silently in the space between their neighbouring windows, Creepy and Maud's understanding of each other grows via a series of notes taped to the glass.<br/>Creepy is a boy who likes to live in the shadows. And he likes to watch. A keen observer of human nature he is also a caustic commentator on human folly. Maud is less certain - a confused and lonely soul cast adrift emotionally by her embarrassed parents. Maud pulls out her hair, and eats it, because any pain is better than the emotional numbness she has descended into.<br/>Together Creepy and Maud discover something outside their own vulnerability - each other's. They share grief and humour and anger and honesty without ever speaking a word. But life is arbitrary; and loving someone doesn't necessarily save them.<br/>Blackly funny, deeply moving and brilliantly written this is a dazzling debut novel.<br/>
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    US$ 24.99

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    Dianne Touchell
    Genre Young Adult Fiction
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    Fremantle Press
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