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    Hello, My Name Is. . .
    Hello, My Name Is. . .
    This charmingly designed and illustrated naming guide contains an A-to-Z listing of more than 25,000 names, listed separately by boys' and girls' names, and features two user-friendly ribbon place markers. Hello, My Name Is is chock full of tips on how to arrive at the perfect name, as well as guidance on choosing names for twins and triplets (or more babies!), naming strategies for those planning to have several children, advice on paying attention to what a child's initials will spell out or what possible nicknames might be, quirky lists of names from literature and history, and much more. There are also many anecdotes from parents on how they chose their children's names and from people of all ages on their own names, from the man who legally changed his name to Bubba Bubba Bubba to the real story of the boy named Sue. Naming a baby is surely one of the most satisfying things a parent does. It can be daunting - after all, the choice of a name will help define that baby, who will eventually be an adult - but with this book in hand, it will be supremely fun and rewarding.
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    Jeff Bradley
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