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    How to Live to 110
    How to Live to 110
    Wouldn't it be amazing to delay getting 'old'? To live past 100 and still be vigorous, active and clear - thinking? To stay so healthy through your later years that you rarely have to visit your doctor? This is not just wishful thinking. There are people in their nineties - and older - who still work, play sports and enjoy an active social life. They have avoided the diseases which we wrongly think of as a natural part of growing old. You too can ward off these diseases. All it takes is some simple changes to what you eat, drink and do. How to Live to 110 is a scientifically grounded, no - nonsense guide to your best chances for a healthy, long life. It explains: Key processes in your body and how modern living messes these up Straightforward ways to avoid heart disease, cancer and the other big killers How to delay dementia, keep free from infections and avoid accidents What foods to eat - and to avoid - so your body stays healthy and does not put on fat Ways to lose fat and keep it off What really makes the difference, debunking some common myths Professor Brian Kirby has worked for more than 40 years in the NHS and has led health promotion organisations nationally and internationally and in 1997 received an OBE for his work. His son Tim Kirby is a full - time writer with a PhD in physiology. Together they have created a clear and informative guide packed with diagrams and advice for everyone aged 9 to 109. What better present could you give yourself, your family and your friends than the gift of great health and a long life?
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