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    A Caravan Like A Canary
    A Caravan Like A Canary
    Two road trips. Twenty years apart. Can the memories of a troubled family past finally be put to rest? When Tara Button's mother asks her to drive the bright yellow family caravan from one end of the state to the other, it's her charming but unreliable brother, Zac, who convinces her it's a good idea. Besides, the road trip might keep Zac out of trouble - and that's always been a second job for Tara. Tara doesn't expect Zac's enigmatic friend Danh to come along for the ride. Or the bikies that seem to be following them up the coast … As they travel along the open road, memories of the Buttons' last trip in the caravan engulf Tara, while a rediscovered love for the wild, glorious ocean chips away at her reserve. When forced to face her past, will Tara find the courage to let go and discover her dreams?
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    AU$ 65.99

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    Sasha Wasley
    Genre Fiction
    Dyslexic Edition
    Pantera Press
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