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The Wisdom of Solomon and Us
The Wisdom of Solomon and Us
The Quest for Meaning, Morality and a Deeper Relationship with God
Can an ancient king supply a salve for our modern spiritual restlessness? '' King Solomon wisely taught that we must live each stage of our lives in a constructive way. As long as we have goals and aspirations, we are alive; we are growing; we are using the gift of time in a meaningful way.'' - from ''When There Is Life - Live!'' Rabbi Marc D. Angel, PhD, mines the biblical literature attributed to King Solomon, the Hebrew Bible's model of wisdom, for the answers to life's important questions. Ecclesiastes - What is life's meaning and mission? What is my significance in the vastness of space and the eternity of time? Proverbs - How can I help maintain a healthy society, with a focus on truth, compassion and moral courage? The Song of Songs - How can I achieve a genuine, soul - satisfying relationship with God? More than biblical commentary, Rabbi Angel shows us how Solomon's wisdom can soothe the contemporary disquiet of all of us seeking a thoughtful, challenging and spiritually vibrant approach to life.
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Rabbi Marc D. Angel
Genre Jewish , Religion & Beliefs
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Jewish Lights Publishing
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