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Black is the New White
Black is the New White
Nakkiah Lui's writing is, as always, on point: hold-your-belly funny; pumping with politics that prompts visible discomfort.' Maxine Beneba Clark, <i>Saturday Paper</i><br/><br/>'Her writing, whether devastating or hilarious, has always shown a great deal of accessible humanity and relentless intelligence.' <i>Guardian</i><br/><br/>'We needed a new David Williamson, someone who speaks to Australia and Australians now. We've found her in Nakkiah.' Alex Broun, playwright<br/> <br/>'Mount Druitt's answer to Lena Dunham.' Belvoir Theatre<br/><br/>'If there is such a thing as a rockstar playwright, Nakkiah Lui is it.' Fran Kelly, RN<br/><br/>Love, politics and other things you shouldn't talk about at dinner<br/><br/>Charlotte Gibson is a lawyer with a brilliant career ahead of her. As her father Ray says, she could be the next female Indigenous Waleed Aly. But she has other ideas. First of all, it's Christmas. Second of all, she's in love.<br/><br/>The thing is, her fiance, Francis Smith, is not what her family expected - he's unemployed, he's an experimental composer ... and he's white! Bringing him and his conservative parents to meet her family on their ancestral land is a bold move. Will he stand up to the scrutiny? Or will this romance descend into farce?<br/><br/>Love is never just black and white. It's complicated by class, politics, ambition, and too much wine over dinner. But for Charlotte and Francis, it's mostly complicated by family. Secrets are revealed, prejudices outed and old rivalries get sorted through. What can't be solved through diplomacy can surely be solved by a good old-fashioned dance-off. They're just that kind of family.<br/><br/>Award-winning writer Nakkiah Lui shows why she is one of this country's most in-demand young voices, delivering cutting satire that is both seductively subversive and thoroughly delightful.
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Nakkiah Lui
Genre Drama
Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
Allen & Unwin Book Publishers
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