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    Australia's Greatest Disasters
    Australia's Greatest Disasters
    The tragedies that have defined the nation (Little Red Books series)
    Disasters have always occurred in Australia, even before European settlement began in 1788. Such is the geography and climate of the 'Great South Land' that disasters such as bushfires, cyclones, storms, floods, drought and heat waves are natural phenomena. They also tend to be seasonal and can be successive; bushfires follow periods of drought or heat wave, and floods follow cyclones or storms. The original inhabitants as well as those who came after the First Fleet have had to learn to live with these and to find ways to overcome the impacts. Australia has also occasionally been affected by natural disasters not commonly associated with this part of the world, including earthquakes, tornadoes and landslides. While most do not result in loss of human life or major damage, they are significant owing to their rarity. People tend to equate disasters with loss of human life and this book includes most of the disasters in Australia that have resulted in loss of life. There have been a number with significant loss of life, including Cyclone Mahina in 1899, the Ash Wednesday bushfires of 1983, the Gundagai floods of 1852, Cyclone Tracy in 1974 and the Granville bridge collapse in 1977. There have been also been many where although fewer lives were lost there was a great damage toll on buildings and property, such as the Newcastle earthquake in 1989, the Sydney hail storm of 1999 and the northern Tasmanian floods of 1929. Structural fires are also commonly placed in the disaster category because they are so costly in terms of fatalities, injuries and damage. Many people, however, don't include economic or agricultural impact among the criteria for disasters, which means drought and heat waves are often disregarded. However, these are synonymous with Australia and many have taken a great toll.
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