Cooper, Philippa Faulks and Robert


    <div>PHILIPPA FAULKS is a</div><div>researcher, historian and author of seven</div><div>books. Her passion for seeking the</div><div>stories of others compels her love of</div><div>travel. She currently splits her time</div><div>between the UK and the rest of the</div><div>world. She lives in Suffolk, England.</div><div>ROBERT L D COOPER is a</div><div>Scottish Freemason and curator of the</div><div>Grand Lodge of Scotland Museum and</div><div>Library in Edinburgh. He is the keeper of</div><div>the oldest Lodge records in the world</div><div>dating from 1599. He writes and</div><div>broadcasts on all aspects of</div><div>Freemasonry, and has lectured on the</div><div>topic throughout the world. He is the</div><div>author of many books, including The</div><div>Rosslyn Hoax? and Cracking the</div><div>Freemason's Code. He lives in</div><div>Edinburgh, Scotland. </div>

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