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Baby Whispering
Baby Whispering
This is the practical handbook that every mother needs when preparing for a new baby. <br/>Broken down into easy - to - follow timeframes from preparing for arrival and birth right through to 12 months, you'll quickly find answers to everything you need to know. Find out all about:<br/> - your baby's basic needs and development<br/> - common problems and solutions<br/> - techniques for breast feeding AND bottle feeding (expressed milk and formula)<br/> - crying and settling, plus dealing with colic<br/> - Sharlene's technique to bring up wind<br/> - sleeping patterns and suggested routines<br/> - developmental play<br/>For years, Sharlene has been helping new parents. Now Baby Whispering will give you the same skills, confidence and information which you can personalise to suit you and your baby.<br/>
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Sharlene Poole
Genre Family, Health & Fitness
Penguin Random House New Zealand
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