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    A Beginner's Guide to Dying In India
    A Beginner's Guide to Dying In India
    Part comedy, part tragedy, part henna-drawn thriller peppered with romance and intrigue, A Beginners Guide to Dying in India is a spiritual journey across the continents of the soul. Commencing in Australia and traversing toward the climactic scene in the snowy mountains of Northern India, this novel crosses exotic external and internal terrains with humour, sharp wit and a resonance that expands with each chapter.While confronted with mounting grief and loss in Australia, Levi is suddenly called to India by his brother and delves, though somewhat reluctantly, into the shifting sands of his own spirituality. In fulfilling his dying brothers wishes, Levi embarks on a path intersecting with adventure, new found friends, a treasure trove of riches (and not just the material kind.
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    Josh Donellan
    Genre Travel
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    Interactive Publications Pty Ltd
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