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    Six Men Buried Alive for over six years
    What would it be like to be trapped deep underground for six long years with no hope of rescue or escape? This is a profound question explored deeply in Entombed. And the key point here is that Entombed is inspired by an astonishing true story and real events. <br/>Six German soldiers led by Captain Hans von Roth are accidentally buried alive in a vast subterranean stores bunker at the port of Gdynia, Poland, in 1945. At first they believe they will soon be rescued, but as the weeks drag into years it becomes appallingly clear that the men will almost certainly face a terrifying death in the grim darkness that surrounds them. <br/>Meanwhile, in Berlin, Hans von Roth's wife, Erika, is desperately attempting to survive the fall of the city and the Russian hordes destined shortly to occupy it. Facing starvation, massive aerial bombing, Soviet shelling and a host of other dangers, she is also attempting to discover what has become of her lost husband.<br/>In Entombed, the author has woven a tale of great love and a desperate struggle for survival like no other. The story literally pushes all the frontiers of human frailty and courage to their very edges.<br/>Inspired by a true story and actual events, Entombed is one of the most astonishing untold stories to emerge from the era of the Second World War.
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    Tony Matthews
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    Big Sky Publishing
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