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    Faith, Hope and Doubt in Times of Uncertainty
    Faith, Hope and Doubt in Times of Uncertainty
    Combining the Realms of Scientific and Spiritual Inquiry
    'I propose there is a moral reality as well as a physical reality and a mathematical reality underlying the world and the universe, and that human moral life is a search to understand and implement that true nature of morality. I suggest to nature of that moral reality is centred in love, with the idea of kenosis (''letting go'') playing a key role in the human, moral and spiritual spheres because of its transformational qualities. This is only one of many intimations of transcendence available to us: these entail qualities in which much more than is necessary is present in the real world in which we live, an abundance leading to wonder and reverence as we realize and appreciate them. An integral view of existence takes these qualities into account. I suggest that true spirituality lies in seeing the integral whole, which includes science and all it discovers, but also includes deep views of ethics, aesthetics, and meaning, seeing them as based in and expressing the power of love. Science can be powerful in the service of this integral view, but must not attempt to supplant it.'
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