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    H is for Happiness
    H is for Happiness
    Where do I start in explaining how much I loved this hilariously quirky and moving story with its beautiful, fractured gem of a narrator? How about A is for Awesome.' - Michael Gerard Bauer <br/><br/><i>This isn't just about me. It's also about the other people in my life - my mother, my father, my dead sister Sky, my penpal Denille, Rich Uncle Brian, Earth-Pig Fish and Douglas Benson From Another Dimension. These are people [with the exception of Earth-Pig Fish, who is a fish] who have shaped me, made me what I am. I cannot recount my life without recounting elements of theirs. This is a big task, but I am confident I am up to it.</i><br/><br/>Introducing Candice Phee: twelve years old, hilariously honest and a little ... odd. But she has a big heart, the very best of intentions and an unwavering determination to ensure everyone is happy. So she sets about trying to 'fix' all the problems of all the people [and pets] in her life.<br/><br/>Laugh-out-loud funny and wonderfully touching, <i>H is for Happiness</i> is the film based on Barry Jonsberg's award-winning novel <i>My Life as an Alphabet</i>.
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    Barry Jonsberg
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