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    Someone Else's Child
    Someone Else's Child
    A gripping contemporary novel from a magnificent new talent that tackles the almost unbreakable loyalty of female friendships, the generosity of community and the lengths we will go to save a child. Ren will do anything for her best friend, Anna. The news that Anna's daughter Charlotte has terminal brain cancer sends them on a desperate hunt for a cure and their only hope lies in an expensive European drug trial. Ren jumps on board Anna's fundraising efforts, willing to put everything on the line - her reputation in their close-knit community and all the money she can beg or borrow - to secure Charlotte's place. When the local charity drive quickly becomes a nationwide campaign, townspeople start asking questions about the trial. Questions Ren can't answer. The more she uncovers, the more Ren realises the truth is darker than she could ever imagine. Are there any lines that won't be crossed in their fight for Charlotte? PRAISE: 'What is a life worth? Who decides? Someone Else's Child kept me up late at night reading to find those answers. A ticking time bomb of a mystery that asks how far would you go to get what you need.' - R.W.R McDonald, Australian author of The Nancys 'Someone Else's Child is a captivating story. In the age of GoFundMe, it raises some very timely questions about friendship, ethics and loyalty.' - Eliza Henry-Jones, author of In The Quiet 'Kylie Orr shines the spotlight on distorted female friendships in a tightly written novel that will have you turning pages past bedtime.' - Fiona Lowe, bestselling Australian author of A Family of Strangers
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    Kylie Orr
    Genre Fiction
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    HarperCollins Publishers Australia
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