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    Think Big, Live Large
    Think Big, Live Large
    How to Succeed in Business and Life: Incorporating The Power of Persistence and Purpose
    Bad Times Are Never Permanent!<br/>This is one man's journey through the lessons of being in business, loving, and losing what matters and finding new reasons to celebrate every day. Andrew Darbyshire finished high school at fifteen and went on to become a self - made hugely successful businessman, philanthropist and sought after professional speaker through his own sheer determination to come out on top of whatever he set his mind to achieving. A qualified pilot, investor and family man, who has dined with world leaders and has been through some of the worst imaginable ups and downs, all before the age of forty - six.<br/>In this book he shares with you:<br/> His story of business triumphs, adversities and how he took a fledgling start up to become a world leader in retail software systems.<br/> The lessons he learned along the way about money, people, winning and losing, and the upside of failure.<br/> How the loss of one of his daughters opened his pathway towards his extensive philanthropic interests.<br/> How he successfully, 'works' on his multinational business for less than an hour a week.<br/>For anybody seeking additional motivation to know that higher education does not always guarantee success or failure but that what you learn after school does, if you know how to apply the lessons learned. It is also a book for people who are struggling with life through difficult times to give them the tools to pull through.<br/>
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    Andrew Darbyshire
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