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    Walking the Gobi
    Walking the Gobi
    In 2001, at the age of sixty-three, renowned adventurer Helen Thayer fulfilled her lifelong dream of crossing Mongolia's Gobi Desert. Accompanied by her seventy-four-year-old husband, Bill, and two camels, Tom and Jerry, Thayer walked 1600 miles in 126-degree temperatures, encountering fierce sandstorms, dehydration, dangerous drug smugglers, and ubiquitous scorpions. For more than sixty days Helen struggled to keep moving through some of the most inhospitable terrain on Earth, despite a severe leg injury. Without sponsors, a support team, or radio contact, hers is a journey of pure discovery and adventure. Walking the Gobi takes readers on a trip through a little-known landscape and introduces them to the culture of the nomadic people whose ancestors have eked out an existence in the Gobi for thousands of years. Thayer's respect and admiration for the culture of the Gobi and her gentle weaving in of natural history shine throughout this remarkable story.
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