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The Neurotic Turn
The Neurotic Turn
Inter-Disciplinary Correspondences on Neurosis
We live in an age saturated with images. Video screens loop multimillion dollar ads while we sit in the back of taxis. Teenagers scavenge through public parks in search of Pokemon. Technology has created for us a new reality; one which we are still struggling to understand. Taking their cue from the work of Charles Johns, who has argued that, far from being an ailment, neurosis is in fact the dominant condition of our society today, an array of thinkers have gathered in The Neurotic Turn to address the question: How can the concept of ''''''''neurosis'''''''' help us understand this new, digitized world in which we live and our place within it? With essays from Charles Johns, Graham Harman, Benjamin Noys, Patricia Reed, Dany Nobus, John Russon and Katerina Kolozova.
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Charles William Johns
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