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    Broken Circles
    Broken Circles
    Fragmenting Indigenous Families 1800-2000
    There was no single Stolen Generation, there were many and Broken Circles is their story. This major work reveals the dark heart of this history. It shows that, from the earliest times of European colonisation, Aboriginal Australians experienced the trauma of loss and separation, as their children were abducted, enslaved, institutionalised and culturally remodelled. Anna Haebich provides a moving and comprehensive account of this tragic history, covering all Australian colonies, states and territories. The analysis spans two hundred years of white occupation and intervention, from the earliest seizure of Aboriginal children, through their systematic state removal and incarceration and on to the harsh treatment of families under the assimilation policies of the 1950s and 60s. The resistance struggle and achievements of Aboriginal people in defending their communities, regaining their rights and mending the broken circles of family life provides a compelling parallel story of determination and courage.
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    Book Author
    Anna Haebich
    Genre History , Social Science
    Dyslexic Edition
    Fremantle Press
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