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    Parkinson's Disease for Dummies®
    Parkinson's Disease for Dummies®
    A diagnosis of Parkinson's disease is a life-altering event. There is no one way to deal with it. Everyone has a unique set of circumstances, and every patient experiences Parkinson's differently. That's why one book on PD can never be all things to all people. Whether you are living with the disease or are a caregiver or friend to someone who is, you will come to rely on a wide variety of high-quality books, manuals, Web sites, resources and tools. You may be surprised by the voracity of your appetite for newer, better, and just plain more information about PD. And since Parkinson's is-for now, at least-a disease that stays with you for life, your information needs may evolve and change over time. This book represents something incredibly important: a place to start. We commend its emphasis on tenets that we at The Michael J. Fox Foundation strive to incorporate into our work: an action orientation, a problem-solving mentality, and the distillation of a great deal of complicated information into clear, logical next steps. Most importantly, the Foundation shares with the authors of this book a commitment to keep patients front and center in every decision we make. As the largest funder of Parkinson's research outside the federal government, we actively partner with scientists to innovate new funding mechanisms that can maximize the quality, quantity and pace of PD research. With a comprehensive view of the field and proactive management of the grants in our portfolio, we are ideally positioned to bridge the gap between basic research and the clinic. For years scientists have asserted that with sufficient research funding, a cure for Parkinson's is within reach. We are working urgently to prove them right.
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