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    Psychic Madman
    Psychic Madman
    Jim Karol, entertainer and memory expert, is known to millions of fans as The Psychic Madman. He has performed on NBC's Phenomenon, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Ellen Show, NBC's Today Show, Howard Stern, and in the film Jackass Number Two. Jim dazzles his audience while demonstrating his memorization of over 80,000 zip codes, the entire Scrabble dictionary, thousands of digits of pi, sports almanacs, the day of the week of every date since the beginning of the modern calendar, and thousands of other facts. In this book, Jim shares his insider knowledge. He aims to entertain, as well as show the reader just how much the human mind is capable of. Learn how Jim Karol has developed his impressive mind, and give yourself the opportunity to tap into your extraordinary mental abilities.
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    Book Author
    Jim Karol and Lu Ann Brobst Staheli
    Genre Self Help
    Dyslexic Edition
    Gibbs Smith Publisher
    Age Range
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