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    Spiritual Adventures in the Snow
    Spiritual Adventures in the Snow
    Skiing & Snowboarding as Renewal for Your Soul
    <b>Turn your recreation in the snow into a spiritual high point!</b>''Activities that are exhilarating and fun are not usually thought of as spiritual. But to the contrary, such ventures may well point us to our most profound spiritual connections. For when we are able to come fully into the present moment, turn off the noise in our minds, feel our true essence as complete union of body - mind - spirit, we enter into a kind of 'other worldly' state of ecstasy that we can experience only as a spiritual dimension.'' - <i>from Chapter 1</i>Debunking the myth that your body has nothing to do with your spiritual life, avid winter sports enthusiasts Dr. Marcia McFee and Rev. Karen Foster demonstrate how spirituality is fed by play and challenge and how your snow - filled adventures can serve as a set of metaphors for seeing life's ups and downs as part of a sacred rhythm.Whether you have a need for speed or are drawn toward more lyrical motion, McFee and Foster offer poignant insights on how you can find your peak spiritual life in your favorite snow sport, no matter your skill level. Learn how to:Reduce stress and embrace your need for funAchieve harmonious integration of mind, body, and spiritTrust your body's inherent wisdomAppreciate the details in nature and everyday lifeClear your head and persevere in difficult timesCultivate a sense of community
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    Marcia McFee, Karen Foster and Paul Arthur
    Genre Sports & Recreation
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    SkyLight Paths Publishing
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