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    The Entrepreneurial Edge 3-Book Bundle
    The Entrepreneurial Edge 3-Book Bundle
    Everyday Entrepreneur / Family Entrepreneur / Ageless Entrepreneur
    A three-book bundle of essential advice for budding entrepreneurs, coming from one of the best in business. Includes: Everyday Entrepreneur - #1 Tim, whose career is stagnating despite his having a good job, has developed some software that could be the basis of his own successful business, but he can't decide whether to set up on his own, which is how he ends up in a class on entrepreneurship conducted by a man named Sam. By focusing on the qualities of a successful entrepreneur and by learning from Sam's wide-ranging experience, Tim and his fellow students learn to make important decisions about their future. Family Entrepreneur - #2 Sam returns as frustrated individuals immersed in family businesses enroll in his entrepreneurship course. For ten years Mary has worked at her brother's business, and has seen her younger brother join the company and receive shares while she got none. Driven by doubts about her ability to change the culture of the business or succeed outside it, Mary signs up with Sam. Her class includes three others: a son considering taking over a family business, a successful business owner employing her two daughters, and a man with a stormy working relationship with his sister. Ageless Entrepreneur - #3 This book explores the economic, social, and technological forces that are pushing people into business for themselves at earlier and later stages in their lives than in the past. Whatever their reasons - doors opened by new technology, the self-reliance of owning a robust business - students gather once more to learn how to succeed at any age.
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    Fred Dawkins
    Genre Business & Economics
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    Dundurn Press
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