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    The Navy-blue Suitcase
    The Navy-blue Suitcase
    Curious tales from a travelling life
    Why didn't my mother tell me about this wedding? Who was the plump, broad-shouldered man she married so long ago? And what of my father, who came to visit us at Christmas? Growing up in her grandparents' house, Sally delights in her father's rare visits. But why does he leave so soon and where does he go? What are the secrets hiding in Sally's mother's navy-blue suitcase? Throughout her unusual childhood in Yorkshire and adventurous life travelling the world, the mystery remains unsolved. Sally dines with the Bedouin, climbs aboard an oil tanker at midnight for a romantic rendezvous, and confronts black magic. After twenty years a nomad Australia becomes home and her stories continue, enough to fill a suitcase or two of her own.
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    UK£ 26.99

    Book Author
    Sally Van Gent
    Genre Biography & Autobiography
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    Wakefield Press
    Age Range
    Not Rated
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