About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide books in accessible formats for people who struggle with or cannot read standard print editions.

We provide a variety of contemporary and classic works, both fiction and non-fiction, in whatever format a reader requires. This includes large print for people with low vision, DAISY and Braille for people with no vision, a specially designed format for people with dyslexia, and additional formats for people with special needs.

Our Story

Read How You Want and its Research & Development parent company, Accessible Publishing Systems Pty Ltd, are both Sydney, Australia-based privately held companies co-founded by electronic publishing pioneers Christopher Stephen and Greg Duncan. When Chris's sister, who suffers from MS, developed difficulty reading, they began experimenting to determine whether people with reading difficulties could benefit from changing the text format.

After more than four years of testing, Read How You Want successfully developed award-winning conversion technology that reformats existing books into high quality, alternative formats quickly, easily, and at price points comparable to standard format books.

We work with over 55 channels to deliver our books to the US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

We work with publishers, both in Australia and throughout the world, to make available many titles that have never been available in large print. Their support is at the very foundation of what we do. Our award winning technology enables us to make books available, within a month publication and in multiple formats. All of our books are printed on demand, allowing us to make a wide selection of titles available.

We work with librarians to encourage a greater selection of writing to be made available in large print in their library collections. Libraries provide the permanent home for large print, and many have mobile libraries that carry an extensive range of large print editions to aged care and hospitals within their community.

In 2016, we released a new dyslexic format which targets struggling readers and people with reading difficulties, such as dyslexia. This initiative provides readers with the very best of writing, in a format that has been tested and proven internationally as an easier text format for people with dyslexia.