About Us

    ReadHowYouWant is a commercial accessible publisher based in Sydney, Australia. Our mission is to provide books in accessible formats for people who struggle with or cannot read standard print editions.

    In 2011, the first collection of Australian authored works was made available in large print, and by 2020, this collection has built to more than 21,000 titles, from some of the world’s leading publishers, and increasingly available within a month of publication.

    ReadHowYouWant’s bestselling large print font size is 16 point. Also available are digital editions in DAISY and Braille for the blind. In 2016, ReadHowYouWant launched a new format, designed specifically for people who have reading difficulties, of which dyslexia is the most common condition.

    Our books are sold into Australia, US, Canada, UK and New Zealand. We promote our licenced titles through:

    1. The RHYW website and the Dyslexic Books website
    2. 55 active channels including Amazon, Ingram and the Baker & Taylor/Follett group and a large number of library distributors
    3. Title information is sent regularly to 32 channels in ONIX form and to a large number of other channels in other formats
    4. Regular newsletters and email promotions to a large number of libraries and individual subscribers
    5. Promotions on our Facebook page.


    RHYW is a member of the AIPI (Australian Inclusive and Publishing Initiative), working towards a future where all books are created in a format that serves the print disabled. We contribute to this aim through our development of new print formats, securing publishing rights for these formats and using our profits from our bestsellers to subsidise our extensive book catalogue. As a profit-for-purpose organisation, we serve national, community and school libraries, bookshops and individuals around the world.


    We work with publishers, both in Australia and throughout the world, to make available many titles that have never been available in large print. Their support is at the very foundation of what we do – bringing books to people who have no access through no fault of their own. Our award-winning technology enables us to make any book available, on publication and in multiple formats. Before ReadHowYouWant initiated this new approach to large print editions, there was no collection of Australian writing available in large print, while less than 10% of international publications were available in large print, in Australia. For publishers and their authors, the ReadHowYouWant programme is a significant benefit to the retention of their publications in print and available to readers.


    We work with librarians to encourage a greater selection of writing to be made available in large print and dyslexic format in their library collections. Libraries provide the permanent home for these formats and are funded by government – enabling free access to these editions; the service that they provide cannot be underestimated. Many have mobile libraries that carry an extensive range of large print editions to aged care and hospitals within their community.


    Our technology has won a number of awards, including Australian Technology Showcase, and an ABIA.

    The traditional large print format is designed for people who have deteriorating vision, and we produce 16 point large print editions in trade paperback; whenever the work extends to more than 800 pages, we print in a specially designed light-weight cased edition under our imprint, Pointbreak Press. On special request, we also produce works in larger fonts – 18, 20 and 24 point – and these editions are spiral bound, providing easier handling and better line management.

    Our enhanced DAISY format provides Image Description, Table Description, navigation to heading and sub-heading level, and to the page number in the print edition; Sentence and sub-sentence highlighting, Hyperlinked Index, Footnote and Endnote. The reader has choice of Male or Female Voice, with choice of Accents (UK, US or Australian).

    We offer all literary and text formats of Braille for UK, US, and Australia – all delivered electronically to the reader – and these files can be read on refreshable Braille display or can be embossed on a Braille printer. For more detail on DAISY and Braille editions, please visit


    In 2016, we released a new dyslexic format which targets struggling readers and people with reading difficulties, such as dyslexia. This initiative provides readers with the very best of writing, in a format that has been tested and proven internationally as an easier text format for people with dyslexia. Please visit .

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