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Ethics 101 Conversations to have with your Kids
Ethics 101 Conversations to have with your Kids
Would you rather your child was smart or good?<br/>Academic achievement is not the only important aspect of raising children.?We also need to think consciously as to how we develop the next generation to be ethical thinkers and decent members of society. The main place children learn morals and ethics is not from school or religion but from their parents. Conversation is vital, and this book prompts discussion by posing 101 ethical questions and their logical progressions. The questions are perfectly pitched to the world of the 10 to 15 year old: from friendships, sport, parties and bullying, through to animal rights and climate change. Some develop our critical thinking skills: how to think ethically.?Others introduce us to the most famous ethicists and philosophers: Plato, Aristotle and John Stuart Mill.?Taken as a whole, Ethics 101 Conversations to have with your Kids is the guidebook every family needs to navigate their world with thought, reflection and understanding to live an ethical life.<br/>
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Michael Parker
Genre Education , Family, Health & Fitness , Junior & Teen Non-Fiction , Philosophy
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