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What's Wrong with University
What's Wrong with University
And How to Make It Work for You Anyway
The university system has its problems. Students invest a lot of time and money in education but all too often don't get what they came for. In <b><i>What's Wrong With University</i></b>, Jeff Rybak addresses the most pressing concerns for undergraduate students, and helps them cope with the university system. He illustrates the university as having five distinct functions, which are often in conflict with each other. Students often find themselves at cross purposes with those with different goals and motivations, and also with institutional features designed around the needs of those other students. As a result they are frequently frustrated by their experiences, lost in a system that isn't suited to them. Jeff explains how university really works, and provides advice on how all students can overcome these internal conflicts to get what they most want from the university experience.
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Jeff Rybak
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