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Hell's Legionnaire
Hell's Legionnaire
<b>A triumphant tale.</b> Sentenced to a French penal colony for killing an officer (in self - defense), American Dusty Colton flees the French Foreign Legion he so willingly joined and rushes headlong into a Berber tribal lair. To his horror, he discovers a captive American woman who's in the process of being whipped and tortured by the bandit leader.Despite the low odds of him winning out against the entire Berber tribe alone, Dusty can't leave the woman behind. Even if he figures out an escape from the camp, he still has to manage a way to get them both out of the country alive with both the Foreign Legion and the Berbers at their heels. ALSO INCLUDES THE ADVENTURE STORIES ''THE BARBARIANS'' AND ''THE SQUAD THAT NEVER CAME BACK'' <b></b> <b><i>''...pulse - pounding...The opening pulls readers in...''</i></b> - Publishers Weekly
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US$ 14.99

Book Author
L. Ron Hubbard
Genre Action & Adventure , Crime & Thrillers , Historical , Fiction
Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
Galaxy Press
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