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We Ate the Road Like Vultures
We Ate the Road Like Vultures
Lulu, Adolf, a moose and a Hummer...If you're in the mood for madness and mayhem, this book satisfies like chocolate cake with more than a touch of chilli. We Ate the Road like Vultures is what happens when Lulu, a girl from down - under, discovers Jack Kerouac alive and living Mexico with a bloke called Chicco, meets the sexy angel back - packer, Adolf and they all dust off the Hummer in the garage...Lynnette Lounsbury's witty, insightful and deeply wise road story is impossible to put down. Written in the scroll style of the renowned Beat writer, and reminiscent of Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris, the story unravels vibrantly, enticing readers to reach for Kerouac's classic. If Hunter S Thompson was a sixteen year old girl, jacked up on peyote and hormones and carrying around a nasty beat poet fetish, this is how she¹d write. What glorious, clear, concise madness. Ms Lounsbury is one to watch, or more importantly, READ.'''''''' - Rhys Muldoon. Lynnette Lounsburyis a writer, lecturer, martial artist, traveller, and occasional poet. She grew up in Papua New Guinea and on the NSW North Coast. She now lives in Sydney. She currently teaches writing and ancient history at Avondale College and is senior editor of the student travel blog Ytravel. Her first book, Afterworld (Allen & Unwin 2014), was released for the young adults in 2014. We Ate the Road like Vultures is her first novel for adults.
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Lynnette Lounsbury
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Inkerman & Blunt
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