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    A Brief Guide to Star Wars
    A Brief Guide to Star Wars
    George Lucas was a rebel, refusing to make films in the style of the dying studio system, relentlessly pushing the technology of the day, and almost alone in understanding the potential of merchandising; but he was a rebel who built an empire. From the staggering unexpected success of the original ''''Star Wars'''' in 1977, when cinema attendances exceeded 20 million for the first time since 1963, through ''''The Empire Strikes Back'''' and ''''Return of the Jedi'''', then the 'dark times', the 16 years leading to the blockbusting prequel trilogy - this is the fascinating story of how it all happened. Life - long ''''Star Wars'''' fan and movie journalist Brian J. Robb edited the official ''''Star Wars'''' magazine for a decade and visited the sets of ''''Attack of the Clones'''' and ''''Revenge of the Sith'''' in Australia (observing director George Lucas at work), as well as the famous ''''Skywalker Ranch''''. He has interviewed many of the stars and crew of all six ''''Star Wars'''' movies.
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