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    The Medical Breakthrough in Natural Immunotherapy
    The lowly mushroom, grown quietly, in the dark, has suddenly sprung onto the health scene as a miracle cure. Once castigated as a mere fungus, the mushroom has acquired a signature cachet in the form of active hexose-correlated compound (AHCC), a nutritional product made from healing mushrooms fermented in rice bran. AHCC is used in over 700 clinics and hospitals in Japan, mainly in cancer treatment. Now Japan's secret has crossed the Pacific, and this new book reveals what the Japanese have known for decades; AHCC is as well researched as any conventional prescription drug. The quality control of AHCC is so stringent that it would easily qualify as a licensed pharmaceutical, but the manufacturers believe that this would limit its availability to the many people in Japan - healthy people, who use it as a preventive as well as for a variety of other purposes. Because it is actually a mushroom-based food, even though it is often made available in capsule form, it is extremely safe for anyone to take, including children, pets, frail elderly, and patients who have undergone surgery. Dr. Fred Pescatore explores AHCC in depth, explaining; How it is manufactured How it is used in clinics in Japan and other parts of the world Its safety and efficacy The scientific evidence supporting its striking versatility and profound effectiveness for a wide variety of conditions This book will introduce readers to AHCC and expand their knowledge of one of the most important food supplements available on the market today.
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