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    An Opening
    An Opening
    Twelve Love Stories About Art
    Artist and writer Stephanie Radok possesses a unique international perspective. For over twenty years she has written about and witnessed the emergence of contemporary Aboriginal art and the responses of Australian art to global diasporas.<br/>In <em>An Opening: Twelve love stories about art</em>, Stephanie Radok takes us on a walk with her dog and finds that it is possible to re - imagine the suburb as the site of epiphanies and attachments.<br/>'Art wants to enter our lives, yet it is a rare art writer who lets it do that. Writing with full personal disclosure, Stephanie Radok lets us in on her secret. Art can inspire love, and a whole host of other unruly emotions. <em>An Opening</em> is a confession, a provocation, a celebration - a highly original, much - needed book in a field that too often prefers to be offputting and hermetic. A revelation, a gem.' - Nicholas Jose<br/>'In <em>An Opening</em> Stephanie Radok engages sensuously and poetically with the art she has seen from her place in the suburbs of Adelaide and as a citizen of the world. Her contribution to Australian art is idiosyncratic and determinedly marginal. I once titled an essay on Australianness ''The margins strike back''. Australian art needs more margins.' - Daniel Thomas<br/>
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