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    Ask The Doctor About Parkinson's Disease
    Ask The Doctor About Parkinson's Disease
    Parkinsons disease is a chronic and progressive disease which can cause life-changing symptoms, including tremors, balance problems, and rigidity of limbs. Derived from Ask the Doctor, a website column written by the authors for the National Parkinson Foundation, this book explores frequently asked questions about the disease. It offers detailed answers to the most common questions, including the role of heredity in Parkinsons, its symptoms and diagnosis, the effectiveness of drugs and other treatments, whether the diseases progression can be slowed, the future of stem cell treatment in the fight against Parkinsons disease, and many others. Written in plain, easy-to-understand language, it arms readers whether already living with Parkinsons disease, newly diagnosed, or caring for a loved one with the knowledge they need to better understand and manage the disease.
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    Hubert H. Fernandez and Michael Okun
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    Springer Publishing Company, Inc.
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