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    Asthma: Relax–You're Not Going to Die
    Asthma: Relax–You're Not Going to Die
    Asthma: Relax You're Not Going to Die Asthma sufferers can breathe more easily thanks to the natural approach to asthma relief in Asthma: Relax You're Not Going to Die. There are more than 24 million asthmatics in the United States and 150 million worldwide. Over the past twenty-five years, there has been a staggering increase in the number of asthma cases doubling in those under eighteen years of age. And this epidemic has occurred in the shadow of great advances in the conventional diagnosis and treatment of asthma. While drugs have proved lifesaving for many people, the long-term answer for asthma sufferers is in learning how to embrace a healthy lifestyle. Dietary changes, exercise, environmental controls, supplements, and herbs can alleviate your asthma symptoms safely and effectively, without the side effects of conventional drugs. Jonathan M. Berkowitz, M.D., is an asthmatic as well as a physician. He went through his own frustrating experience with conventional drug treatment for his asthma and was able to return to health by adopting the lifestyle changes he now shares with you. In Asthma: Relax You're Not Going to Die, you'll learn: How eating fruits and vegetables can alleviate asthma symptoms; Why asthma suffers should embrace exercise, not fear it; The ways your home environment may be making your asthma worse and how you can fix it; The important vitamins, minerals, and herbs for asthma relief; How emotional stress contributes to asthma and ways to eliminate it. By adopting a healthier lifestyle, asthmatics can reduce, even eliminate, their dependence on steroids and other drugs. Dr. Berkowitz's message is one of hope: You're not going to die of asthma you can, in fact, live a long, healthy, and productive life.
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