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    Blackbird Singing in the Dead of Night:
    Blackbird Singing in the Dead of Night:
    What to do When God Won't Answer
    <p>When pastor Greg Hunt falls prey to a crisis of faith and calling, he sets out on an experiment in devotion and discovers that the journey is the destination in disguise.</p><p>Dr. Greg Hunt had devoted nearly 30 years to congregational ministry, helping people experience God and find their way in life. Then came his crisis of faith and calling: He turns to God for guidance, but is unable to ''find'' God. Neither his education - a Ph.D. in theology - nor his religious involvements - senior pastor of a multi staff congregation, civically and denominationally engaged leader - could protect him against the disorienting impact of the experience.</p><p>Days turned into months. Months became seasons. Seasons added up to a year, then two. He began to wonder if his faith had been delusional: Was God even real?</p><p>In the midst of his struggle, he tries a sometimes desperate experiment of devotion: could he have a personal encounter with God through the redletters of Jesus, as recorded in the Gospel of Matthew?</p><p>The outcome is startling, and changes his life entirely.</p>
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    Greg Hunt
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