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    Body Sense
    Body Sense
    Balancing Your Weight and Emotions
    Is it difficult for you to keep off lost weight, no matter what you do? Are you tired of clothes that don't fit? Are you frustrated at spending money on diets that don't work? Do you think of bathing suit season with anxiety? Are you sick of not eating what you want because of calories, fat, or guilt? Does your heart sink when your spouse says your weight is making you unattractive? Are you tired of feeling as if other people are judging what you eat? Do you want to explode if you hear one more kind soul giving you weight loss advice? Do you eat for emotional nourishment? Does concern about your weight take up a lot of your energy? Have you suspected there is more to weight loss than just diets? Well, you're right. In this book, you're going to learn how to make your weight problems go away, but it won't include traditional crazy diets, miracle cures, and more broken promises. It will include a strategic, body-sensible approach that is packed with information, new tools, and important life connections. You'll be asked to provide a little emotional sweat, but you'll realize an immediate payoff in everyday life. Quite honestly, before you shed the pounds, you will first begin to lose the emotional garbage, the key to sustained weight loss or weight stability. Any other approach is a prescription for futility.
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