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    Booga Blast
    Booga Blast
    Yucky, Disgustingly Gross, Icky Short Stories (book 1)
    A fun, action - packed, super - sized, seriously gross series by the bestselling author of the ''''Freaky'''' series - Susan Berran. So you want to know why boogas are reeeally green? And can you put all of that awesomely gross sweat, slime and garbage that youve saved - up between your toes for six months, you know toe jam, on toast for breakfast? Well how would I know?! Geez, do I look like some sort of humongous computer square - head with GOOGLE written across my face!? But I can tell you why I reckon snot is green and other totally useless and crappy information like that. And take another totally twisted and disgusting adventure of the gross kind to discover the weird secret of the Birthday Barf! Yep, so if you want the real info dont bother asking me ...I wouldnt have a clue!
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    US$ 17.99

    Book Author
    Susan Berran
    Genre Juvenile Fiction
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    Big Sky Publishing
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