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    Busting Your Butt and Gut
    Busting Your Butt and Gut
    Minimizing Your Maximum Areas
    Getting and staying in shape is neither quick nor easy. The secret to success is not about daily calories consumed or time spent exercising. Its not about what gym you belong to, your age, your gender, or how busy your day is. Its about a mind-set. Its about getting off your ass and feeling good about it. Marty Tuley shows everyone how to foster the habit of regular exercise. All men and women store a large percentage of excess body weight on the stomach and hips. The Butt and Gut Program focuses on those two areas, but it is an overall fitness regimen, not a spot-reducing program. Its not magic, easy, or quick. Its work, but only for 20 minutes, 6 days a week, for 120 days. Its an effective fitness program that can fit into anyones schedule. Marty lays out an exercise schedule built around squats for the butt, crunches and leg lifts for the gut, and running stairs for conditioning. It will improve posture, coordination, and balance, not to mention the effects on strength, power, and conditioning. To keep it interesting, the book includes fifty different butt exercises and fifty different gut exercises. Marty also offers tips on how to adopt healthier eating habits. His stair-step approach to dieting makes it simple to incorporate better nutrition. The Butt and Gut Program needs no weights, no dumbbells, no bench, no exercise balls, no bike, and no treadmill. It is possible to do the exercises anywhere--on the road, on vacation, in the office, or in the bedroom. Readers need nothing for this program but a pulse and an attitude, with Marty as their no-nonsense personal trainer pushing them onward.
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