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    Challenging Change
    Challenging Change
    Behaviour Strategies for Life
    Behaviour and lack of behaviour are just as influential as each other in how they impact on all aspects of our lives and what we are able to achieve. If we don t like the outcomes we are currently achieving, by examining our behaviour and modifying it, we can influence our future outcomes. Challenging Change helps us to address any unwanted or challenging behaviour. It gives us tools, templates and techniques to help us understand our own behaviour and that of other people such as our children, partner, family, friends, colleagues, clients, students in fact anyone we spend time with. Challenging Change helps us to learn new behaviours to better manage situations we find difficult. Changing behaviour can at first seem like a daunting and overwhelming process, but Challenging Change gives you the necessary support to understand unwanted behaviours and develop behaviour strategies to enable life-long positive behaviour change. Challenging Change provides a comprehensive roadmap for anyone: wanting to understand and change their own behaviour wanting to understand and support behaviour change in other people willing and ready to take responsibility for their own behaviour, outcomes and future.
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